Program and Visit

Where to find QuadroShop?
You can find us in Cluj-Napoca, 2-4 Napoca Street, 1st floor, apt. 67.

What is QuadroShop program?
10.00-13.00 - 14.00-18.00

Where to find the nearest parking?
Within the area of the building, for a limited duration (30 minutes).

In downtown, there are two available parking places:
1.     Parking of the Town Hall, Lucian Blaga Square (Peace Square)
Number of lots: 382
0 - 30 minutes – 1.50 lei
31 - 60 minutes – 2.50 lei
1.01 – 1.30 hours - 3 lei
1.31 – 2.00 hours – 3.50 lei
2.01 – 2.30 hours - 4 lei
2.31 – 3.00 hours – 4.50 lei
3.01 – 3.30 hours - 5 lei
3.31 – 4.00 hours – 5.50 lei
4.01 – 4.30 hours - 6 lei
4.31 – 5.00 hours – 6.50 lei
5.01 – 5.30 hours - 7 lei
5.31 – 6.00 hours – 7.50 lei
6.01 – 7.00 hours - 8 lei
7.01 – 8.00 hours – 8.50 lei
8.01 – 24.00 hours - 12 lei

 2. Piata Unirii Parking, behind Saint Michael Church
Number of lots: 103
Rates: 2 lei/hour

Additional information at:

Do you need an appointment to see the artworks?
Seeing the artworks can be done with previous programming, by e-mail or phone.
NOTE: We would really appreciate to previously notify us in order to prepare the artwork/s you would like to see. Thank you for your understanding.

Account and profile management

How to update the contact information?
In the section My Information, you may edit the e-mail address, the user name and the password, as well as applying or not for us communicating you any commercial newsletters. In order to confirm every data modification, you are requested to enter the current password and click on Save.
To edit the shipping address may be carried out by selecting My contacts, either in your account or at the bottom of the page.

How do I change the password?
In the section My information, you enter the current password in the field Current password, the new password in the field New Password, as well as in the field Confirm password. Click on Save to confirm the modifications.

If you forgot the password and you need to reset it, we kindly ask you to observe the following steps:
Clik here to reach the page Did you forget the password?
If you wish to reset the password at any other moment, without opening the Frequently Asked Questions section, click on Register on top of the page. Click on Did you forget the password? to open the page allowing you to reset it. You will receive an e-mail and a link to confirm the application for the password change. Clicking the link will reset the current password. Consequently, you will receive an e-mail with the new password, which you may use on the page My information, to set the password you wish.

How do I delete my account?
If you wish to delete your account, we kindly ask you to send us an e-mail at: with subject “DELETE Account”.
How do I manage the subscription/unsubscription from Quadroshop commercial newsletters?
In the section My information you may find the two types of communication:
•    Subscribe to newsletter!
•    Receive special offers from us and our partners!
Select the communication type that you wish to subscribe for. If you already have a subscription, deselect the communication type you wish to cancel.
In order to confirm the modifications, enter the current password and click on Save.

What is the section My artists?
In the section My artists you may create a selection in line with your preferences.
For every artist in the list you will receive an e-mail when new artworks become available on QuadroShop.

How do I check the orders’ status?
From your account, ckick History and order detail.
To follow the package in transit, click on Details.

If after having visited the order page you still have questions, we kindly ask you to contact us on (0040)–264-431105, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10:00 to 14:00, and Tuesady and Thursday from 14:00 to 18:00 or by e-mail at:

Quadroshop Services

How can I valuate my artworks?
For valuations, we kindly ask you to send us an e-mail at:, including several photos and the technical data of the artwork (technique, support, size, and signature). A representative of QuadroShop will contact you to set a meeting.

What are the rates for one valuation?
The valuation is free of charge.

How can I receive offers with my favourite artists’ artworks?
If you have already created a list in the section My artists, every time when an artwork signed by one of your favourite artists becomes available in our offer, you will be instantly notified by e-mail.