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You need to create an account in order to benefit from QuadroShop services.

Using your account you are able to purchase artworks and view your order status. At the same time, you can create your favourite artists’ list to receive newsletters when their most recent artworks are added.

When creating an account, you can select the type of communications you wish to subscribe for. This can be changed at any time, once the account is registered.

Search for an Artwork / an Artist

  1. In the search box you can find artworks using the artist’s name or the artwork title.
  2. In the menu, by placing the mouse on one of the categories (Paintings, Graphic, Sculpture, Artists), you may perform selective search, considering the style, subject, technique or the artist’s name.

You can reach the artists’ list by placing the mouse over the Artists box. Selecting the name will send you directly to the page where you can find all the artists’ artworks (current or recently sold).

Placing the Order

To purchase an artwork:

Step 1 - Click on the image to reach the artwork page. It includes the technical data and the image. To enlarge the image, place the mouse inside the frame.

Step 2 – To purchase the artwork, use the option Add to chart. To add other artworks, in the window confirming the successfully adding to the chart, click on Buy more. If you want to proceed with the payment, continue to step 3.

Step 3 – To pay for the desired artwork, click on Next step. Now you reach to the chart summary. To continue, click on Next step.

Step 4 – Enter the invoice and shipping address. If you want to change the addresses previously submitted, use the option Update. If you want your invoice address to be different from the shipping address, deselect the upper box. To continue, click on the Next step.

Step 5 – The purchased artwork may be picked up from our office in Cluj or delivered by express courier. Select the type of shipment, and after having accepted the terms of service, click on End order.

QuadroShop provides consultancy for the artworks’ export. The rates of the export procedures and the transport are separately invoiced.

Step 6 – Select the payment method and click on Confirm order.

Step 7 – After having confirmed the order, our system will generate by default the invoice number and you will receive a confirmation e-mail including the order details.

Chart Management

The artworks placed in the chart will stay there, unless they are deleted. To delete what you do not want to purchase, proceed with the following steps:

Step 1 – Click on the chart icon to view its content.

Step 2 - Click on the Delete icon in the last chart column.

Purchase Price and Fees

The purchase price is displayed. It includes the value-added tax (VAT) and the art items tax (AIT). Besides the price indicated on the site, QuadroShop will not perceive any other commission.
For the Romanian citizens, the payment will be made in lei, and for the non-residents it will be made in a currency like EUR, HUF, GBP, USD, and CHF. The foreign currency translation will observe the BNR reference exchange rate applicable on the purchase day.
At the same time, the Buyer will be liable for the international custom duty, defined by the country where the artwork is to be shipped and for the package delivery, which will be separately invoiced.

We kindly ask you to verify the custom duty for your country.

Payment Methods

QuadroShop accepts the following payment methods:

  • online, by bank card, Visa or Mastercard 
  • in cash or by card from POS terminals, at QuadroShop pay office;
  • cash on delivery
  • bank transfer
 For card payments the transaction will be shown on the bank statement, on behalf of 

For further assistance, please contact one of QuadroShop representatives on (0040)–745–341380, Monday to Friday, between 10:00 – 18:00, or by e-mail at:

Issues Related to the Payment

Credit card:

About CVV Code

If you are using a credit card for purchases, you will be asked for the CVV2 Code (Card Verification Value) or CVC2 (Card Verification Code). CVV is a three figure number printed on the right side of the area assigned for the signature on the back of the card.

Supposing your credit card is declined during the purchase, we kindly ask you to follow the suggestions below. If you still have issues, we recommend you to contact the issuing bank for further approach.

Please check the information introduced during the final steps while placing the order:

• Have you recently changed the invoice address?

• Have you inserted correctly the CVV Code?

• Do you have a new card with a new expiring date?

Review of anti-fraud policy of your bank.

Your bank may consider security risk any activity including online placing orders for the first time or high-grade purchases (regardless the available funds) – specially the online purchase. The bank may ask from you to contact us and approve the purchase before allowing you to finish the transaction.
Review of daily transaction limit.

Most of the banks set limits while using the card. If you reach that limit, the bank may lock up the account for any other operation on that day, regardless the available funds.

Return policy

From the time you receive the ordered artwork, if you are not fully satisfied, you have fourteen (14) days to notify us that you want to return it. At the same time, we kindly ask you to ship out the artwork within fourteen (14) days, as of notifying us your intent to withdraw from the contract, using the same type of delivery service.


  • You are eligible for a refund provided you have notified us and shipped out the artwork within the time limit. QuadroShop is entitled to postpone the refund till the receiving of the artwork.

Step 1 – Within fourteen (14) days as of receiving the order, we kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail at:, to let us know your intention to return the artwork.

Step 2 – Repackage the artwork using the original packaging materials. If you have already disposed of the original packaging, you will be responsible for purchasing the packaging materials to safely send back the artwork. Please refer to the Packaging Guidelines (attached below) for instructions on how to safely wrap the artworks.

Step 3 – We kindly ask you to send the artwork directly back to QuadroShop headquarters, using the same courier service.

Once the artwork is safely returned and preserving its original condition, QuadroShop will proceed with the refund, using the same payment method, in the same currency and at the same exchange rate (BNR rate on the purchase day), as the rates used for the original order (minus the shipping costs and international customs fees, as appropriate) within a maximum of 14 days as of your notification to return the delivered order, but not before receiving the purchased products.


Additional Information related to the Artworks Return

  • Notification of the intention to return the item:

-        in written, as in the withdrawal form provided by the Government’s Emergency Decree 34/2014

• QuadroShop will not be held liable for the undelivered return packages.

• We kindly ask you to keep in mind that the return shipping fees will be deducted from the returned fund.

• QuadroShop is entitled to refuse any package failing to meet appropriately the return conditions - it is physically used or deteriorated.

Deteriorated Artworks and Packages

Step 1 – Within fourteen (14) days as of receiving the order, we kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail at:, to provide us with information related to your order.

Step 2 – Keep the original packaging!

Step 3 – We kindly ask you to take photos of the deteriorated artwork and packaging and send us these photos at:

Step 4 – A QuadroShop support representative will contact you to discuss the next steps.